Defense Manufacturing Communities Designation

The Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program is designed to support long-term community investments that strengthen national security innovation and expand the capabilities of the defense manufacturing industrial ecosystem.


  • National security enhanced by reduced reliance on adversaries and increased minerals supply chain resilience
  • Economic incentives for clean processing of US waste encourage sustainable practices
  • Increased US competitiveness in manufacturing enables reshoring of mineral-dependent downstream industries

Service Area

SCORE’s initial Service Area includes a 5-state region of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania This region is uniquely qualified to support the growth of critical minerals manufacturing supply chains, with 3 million manufacturing jobs in 54,000 firms that produce nearly $1T in economic output.

This 5-state region represents one third (33%) of foundry products and nearly one fourth (23%)of aluminum production nationally, key to minerals supply chain processes including recovery, refining, smelting, alloying, wire forming, additive powder and equipment production, as well as R&D, testing, and material standards for end users in automotive, aerospace, space, energy, and defense applications.

Five State Region as a % of US total in:

27% Stamping & Forging % of US
35.3% Ferrous Metal Foundry Products
31.3% Nonferrous Metal Foundry Products
24.4% Nonferrous Metal Rolling & Alloying in the US
22.6% Aluminum Manufacturing in the US
20.1% Nonferrous Metal Refining in the US
22.1% Circuit Board & Electronic Component Manufacturing
11.5% Space Vehicle & Missile Manufacturing
12.1% Aircraft, Engine & Parts Manufacturing

Ultimately, all states will be beneficiaries for these reasons:

  • Feedstocks for minerals recovery exist in all 50 states
  • Each waste site becomes a manufacturing process site with employment on location
  • Moves dormant waste to active manufacturing
  • Environmental clean up enabled by waste valorization
  • Occupational standards are portable for apprenticeship & industry credentialing

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